ELISID Jobs Youth Assessment Programs (YAP)® and ELISID Jobs Entrepreneur program is a validated instrument designed to improve the quality of life and convert dreams into reality. It has been used in community organizations, schools, camps, and other places where youth have fun, work, and learn with adults. ELISID Jobs (YAP)® is suitable for youth in grades 4 - 12. For children in grades K – 6 and improves self sufficiency for young adults.

ELISID Jobs (YAP)® program also evaluates the quality of youth experiences as youth attend workshops and classes, complete group projects, and participate in meetings and regular program activities. For staff, ELISID Jobs provides instructions and full access to the self assessment process. This is a great way to see what is really happening with their dreams and career goals. Our focus is to help build professional competencies.

What do the Youth and Students get access to?

Similar goals of other students - in video form

Supportive online learning environment

Interaction with real businesses

Engagement in an entrepreneurial environment

Youth created-centered policies and practices

Increased overall learning process

Access to Learn without Limitations


Each domain in our search engine contains items that focus on specific elements and are categorized by industry.

How does the Youth and School-Age (YAP)® program work?

Our Youth and School-Age(YAP)® program are evidence-based assessment tools and are located within our search engine. Evidence is gathered through evaluation sheets and forms that are placed into a portfolio for the youth. ELISID Jobs Representatives train your staff or specialist to observe the program activities, take notes, and then incorporate Authentic Search Engine into their curriculum. Each Student will be provided with an online storage system that will help them monitor their year to year activity anytime.

ELISID Jobs Inc. is especially suited for a theory based approach. We focus on continuously developing enrichment software for students that helps them focus on education, elimination of youth crime activities, delinquency including social Bonding, support the control theory, strain theory, general theory of crime, general theory of under achieving youth, support social learning theory and increase self efficacy. Our proprietary category/industry assessment tools, asses the key areas of family, school and peer interaction in addition to individual personality and cognitive social characteristics of the youth. We also include other critical factors that may protect the youth from serious delinquency.

What do I need to get started?

There are three pieces to the Youth or School-Age (YAP)® program:

• Application — helps ELISID Jobs identify the best program that suits your needs. [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

• Access to ELISID Jobs: A Specific code to wave all fees — is used to give everyone access that utilizes your services. [view (YAP)® sample coupon code access] [view Students accessing the system independently] [Contact us for sample Paperwork]

• Form A: Organization Grant Support Paperwork — assesses all workshop documents to obtain additional funds or Grants.

ELISID Freedom Foundation provides a range of training and personalized support services. To see how the Youth or School-Age (YAP)® Program can improve online learning, Contact us today!

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