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ELISID Freedom Foundation’s (CFS) Program for Seniors was born with a mission to help seniors explore the world in a safe secure fashion. All seniors would love to have a computer and most do not care about an email because of the spam that occurs from registering with websites. What makes ELISID Freedom Foundation’s (CFS) Program unique is our Authentic Search Engine and The ability to search by Industry. We help your clients and staff find information in an authentic search engine and encourage seniors to find what they want by industries and encourage them search from their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, business or group location. Today ELISID Freedom Foundation provides everyone One-On-One training.

For the past 4 years ELISID Freedom Foundation has been specializing not only in Authentic Internet Searching but in customized training for Veterans and the Physically Disabled. Often at times a person never fully understands what capabilities his or her computer has. A person can purchase a piece of equipment and it may end up being used by someone else. We are here to help you learn the basics of internet searching through our proprietary software and enjoy authentic information searching. ELISID Freedom Foundation is dedicated to providing customized computer training for seniors, taught by seniors as well as to all others interested in furthering their knowledge on Authentic Internet Searching . We also provide computer support and repair services. Once you set your internet browser to read from an authentic source you are 95% less likely to attract viruses. ELISID Freedom Foundation has a quality assurance plan to locate harmful viruses and unwanted links. Start your free basic computer training today. Our online computer course for beginners is free right now so start your computer learning and make the most of it while it lasts. We have easy to follow computer lessons for seniors and beginners, most are video lessons that you can watch as many times as you want.

The first computer course of lessons is for basic safe searching training and is specifically aimed at seniors and beginners. Our easy to follow computer tutorials for seniors starts with the basics. Whether you’re retired or an older adult learning for the home or support programs are custom fitted to suit your needs.

Registration is required.

Registration for classes are customized to your organizations needs.

To Register contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classes are limited to 20 persons per class.

A Tablet is encouraged or a projector will be provided for group participation