School Districts

ELISID Jobs Inc. understands the most discussed gap in the education system and its long term effect on the students. Generally the achievement gap is in between the test scores of the minority, low income students and the test scores of the white and Asian peers. The difference between the test scores of students with different backgrounds have all the same gap which is the information system that they are utilizing that allows the student to grow.

The lack of authentic information often leads to lower test scores. the prior grab often leads to longer term gaps including high school and college completion and the kind of job the student secures as an adult.

ELISID Jobs Inc.  offer school districts the opportunity to take advantage of an authentic searching online system that allows students staff and teachers to communicate effectively on the same level. ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine offers reduce spending with an information technology and procurement department. We value protecting the students and staff information, we do not work with 3rd party vendors neither do we sell any information.