Our Technology

Reduced Spending on Information Technology

ELISID Jobs Inc. Authentic Search Engine only displays approved businesses that are uniquely categorized in our search engine. We focus on complete verification and work with your IT department to ensure the information listed in our search engine is does not have derogatory information or access to information that is not classified as good value. ELISID Jobs IT support services provide our clients with experienced personnel to assist in the technical implementation of ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine. Usually working with your own agency’s IT department ELISID Jobs Inc. provides the following services to get your agency up and running smoothly:

  • User Friendly platform
  • Data access by category
  • 24 Hour virus scan on all links
  • Technical Manual for information searching
  • Software Development and Customization support

ELISID Jobs maintains its own in house staff of software developers to provide a fully customizable search engine to meet the all IT requirements of the agency and address the individual needs of the users and their clients. 


Maintenance and Technical Support


ELISID Jobs provides our clients with ongoing maintenance and technical support for ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine. We provide technical support via the internet, phone, e-mail and onsite visits. All subscription plans come with technical support, any software bug fixes, software updates and searching enhancements.


ELISID Jobs Inc. Sub Domain Accounts


ELISID Jobs Inc. provides the option of Sub Domain hosting accounts. For example; “yourorganizationname.elisidjobs.com” . You will have direct access to all of your clients and access to specific client reports. The cost of purchasing a sub domain account along with ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine may put pressure on your agency’s budget that is not available at the present time. ELISID Jobs Inc. can be purchased at any time. All subscription plans are tax deductible, this can be an alternative to offset those costs.