Introduction to "I-EXCEL"

 Introduction to the " I-EXCEL " Tab

ELISID Jobs Inc. training provides users hands on experience using the I-EXCEL Access Tab. Participants completing this training will understand how to:

  • Appropriately administer the Category Assessment Resource;
  • Effectively interpret the I-EXCEL client report;
  • Effectively match the client industry preference in order to guide client towards strategic goals;
  • Effectively match the client’s needs to a streamline career and employment plan;
  • How to appropriately use the Individualized transitional support plan;
  • Use their knowledge and experience enhance their Individualized transitional plan;
  • Practice translating the “I-EXCEL” assessment tools with the client;
  • and Learn how to integrate client engagement and accountability in the planning process.




Advanced “I- EXCEL” Training: Effectively Matching skills with Compatible Careers. Advanced “I-EXCEL” Training takes users to the next step in terms of understanding and interpreting the “I-EXCEL” section. This is a five-day training session. The Topics training covers include:

  • Understanding and interpreting recruitment theory, patterns and concept implications;
  • and Linking goals to available resources (independent) productive citizen