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I-EXCEL Program

The I-EXCEL Program is committed to the successful transition of youth to becoming socially adaptable and gainfully employed.  Specifically, the I-EXCEL Program was created to serve as a successful tool with alternative education methodologies; in order to provide an emotionally and socially -based curriculum.  Our solution is a creative and efficient vehicle to connect youth with emotional and social barriers to jobs.  Our goal is to reduce the national youth incarceration and recidivism rate in addition to combating poverty for the economically disadvantaged, within the communities we serve. 

We provide innovative strategies that enable low-skilled youth to learn administrative skills for a corporate setting.  Our new model of skill development serve as a baseline to employment services that meets the needs of direct hire employers by educating youth in advanced skills with an alignment to academic excellence and workforce readiness.  Additionally, the I-EXCEL Program implements evidence-based practices, providing an authentic environment for evaluating performance, and recommending continuous improvements for academic and career supportive services.

The I-EXCEL Magazine is a tool that is used with the I-EXCEL Program; an additional resource offered as an educational assessment tool by aiding the applicant in locating resources specific to their career choice.  For those that graduate and/or emancipate that are of age may enroll online with the support of a program coordinator that assists them in applying for direct hire opportunities utilizing ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine, within a 35 mile radius from their desired zip code.  Applicants follow up on leads by providing documentation of visiting the direct hire employers in order to meet the program guidelines.

Program Relevancy 

The I-EXCEL Program provides innovative solutions not only for incarcerated youth but also for bridging the gap between living in a non-structured, non-secure, and barrier based home environment.  The staff will continue to expand all ongoing projects while identifying, compiling, and disseminating printed and electronic materials, including related information; to determine the strategic needs in the areas that we are already currently serving.  The purpose of the program is not to supplement a parental or mentor figure, but to enhance every aspect of their career research and development.   The I-EXCEL Program is a class curriculum and person to person workshop style program that implements mentoring, while teaching and utilizing technology to meet STEM requirements. 

Measurable Results & Outcomes 

The purpose of the program is to provide enhanced career support services, which assists the students in identifying a career path within specific industries. This results in the understanding of how to place themselves in a position that can support the client’s dream of living a successful life.


1. Behavior Adjustment 2. Career Identification

3. Enhanced Reading Skills  4. Enhanced Speaking and Self-Presentation Skills  5. Complete Leadership Benchmark Test 6. Identify Career Preference/Path 7. Enroll into College by Industry Preference Where Applicable


1. Pass-Presentation Test (Tell Me About Yourself) 2. Earn Certificate – Administrative Paperwork Processing 3. Job/Employment Ready – Understanding Money 4. Select College – Complete Future Plan Test Where Applicable 5. Demonstrate Leadership Traits – Pass Test (Career Explorer)  


Adult / Well Qualifiedype

Where do I go from here?

Adult Career Exploration

Locate & Seek 

  • Locate Careers compatible with your background

  • Apply by industry

  • Locate opportunity by Industry Preference

  • Workforce Stress Management 


Adult Academic planning

A Secure Future

·       Comply with individual learning plan requirements

·       Allow access to supporters and families

·       Transitional Independent Living Plan